Tri-Cities, Washington

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The Tri-Cities in Washington State are located in the Columbia Basin at the joining of the Columbia and Snake rivers. The region is in the South-Eastern portion of the state. It is about 4-5 hours from several major cities including Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon and Boise Idaho.

The three cities are (in alphabetical order):




Also right next to these three cities are many smaller communities including:

Benton City

West Richland


The Tri-Cities is located in a desert. Most of it's water comes from the Columbia and Snake rivers, and it enjoys year round sunny weather.

Business and LeisureEdit


The historical businesses in the region are agriculture and nuclear science. As the location of the Hanford Nuclear reach, the area North of Richland houses several labs and research facilities. In recent years their has been an increase of grape production and wine making. The region is also looking for many more technology businesses, and to diversify the sources of employment.

List of Businesses


Because of the sunny nature of the region, it contains many well maintained golf courses. The Columbia river also plays host to many boating activities, and an extensive group of bike trails offers many recreational activities.

Other InformationEdit

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Kadlec Medical Center

Kennewick General Hospital

Lourds Hospital


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