Kadlec Medical CenterEdit

Kadlec Medical Center is a Private non-profit hospital owned by Kadlec Health Systems. Kadlec Health Systems also operates the Kadlec Foundation, several investments in Surgery Centers and medical office buildings, and Kadlec Clinic consisting of outpatient care doctors. The Hospital is located in Richland, and Kadlec Clinic has offices in Richland Kennewick, West Richland, and building an office in Pasco.


Started as a barracks building hospital established in 1944 for the Hanford Nuclear site workers. Afterwards it was purchased by a Methodist charity organization, until being spun off into an independant organization. Today it is a regional medical center, and building a new tower to add more beds and facilities.

Location and LinksEdit

Kadlec Medical Center

888 Swift Boulevard

Richland, WA 99352

(509) 946-4611



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