Started in Mid 2006, Kadlec Clinic is a multi-location, multi-specialty clinic. Responding to the need for more assistance in recruiting physicians to the Tri-cities and to changes in health care. In some ways it is similar to the Hospital payed doctors in the Kennewick General Hospital Medical Mall. Kadlec Clinic has had a lot of turn over among its doctors. It seems that they come for a year or two and then leave to go elsewhere.


Administrative Offices

945 Goethals Suite 200

Richland WA 99352


Kadlec Clinic @ APW (Woman's Health)

945 Goethals Suite 200

Richland WA 99352


West Richland Family Practice

4001 Kennedy Road

West Richland WA


Personal Knowledge.


Much of this information is not avaliable in standard reference sources yet, I work with the Clinic and will attempt to maintain imparciality and not overdo information.

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